28 November 2023 - Enlit, Paris


Where electricity meets data


Digitopia is Eurelectric’s annual event focused on data, artificial intelligence and digitalisation in the energy sector. Uptake and acceleration of digital strategies is essential for achieving smarter grids and effortless customer solutions. Eurelectric is teaming up with Enlit Europe to co-host Digitopia on the 28th of November in Paris live.


Additionally to the Digitopia event, Eurelectric team will participate in the Enlit programme on crucial topics such as skillset challenges in a transforming workforce, innovative grid flexibility solutions, and optimised power market design.

Furthermore, we're excited to present a dynamic start-up pitching festival, featuring 20 startups across the pillars of decarbonisation, decentralisation, digitalisation, and democratisation.

Registration & Practical details

Enlit Europe will take place from 28-30 November at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. The Digitopia session is taking place on the Digitalisation Hub stage in the free-of-access exhibition area of Enlit Europe. Participants can register for free with a Visitor Pass on the Enlit Europe website to access Digitopia.

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Eurelectric Public Activities at Enlit Europe 2023

28 November 2023

  • Digitopia Panel I - AI in the Energy Sector in Europe: Opportunities, Challenges and Recommendations
      13:30-14:30 - Digitalisation Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)


    AI is a powerful technology that can transform the energy sector and accelerate the energy transition. It poses significant opportunities and challenges for the energy sector. In this panel discussion, co-hosted by Microsoft, four experts will share their insights, experiences and recommendations on how to harness the potential of AI for the energy sector in Europe, while ensuring that it is trustworthy, sustainable and human-centric. The panel discussion will also highlight Europe's approach, vision and leadership in AI for the energy sector.

     13:30-13:35 - Intro


    Anca Gurzu, EU Correspondent for Cipher News

     13:35-13:45 - Opening Keynote


    Bilal Khursheed, Worldwide Power & Utilities Executive Director, Microsoft

     13:45-14:30 - Panel Discussion


    Panel moderation by Anca Gurzu, EU Correspondent for Cipher News



    • Andrei Covatariu, Co-Chair, Digitalisation in Energy Task Force, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
    • Bilal Khursheed, Worldwide Power & Utilities Executive Director, Microsoft
    • Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, Eurelectric
    • Rachel Berryman, Group Strategy Manager, 50Hertz Transmission, Elia Group

  • Digitopia Panel II - Exploring the Future: Common EU Energy Dataspace
      14:30-15:30 - Digitalisation Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)


    Join us for a dynamic panel session that delves into the EU's transformative initiative - the Common European Energy Dataspace. We will bring together stakeholders from the policy worlds and power sector to address pivotal questions: How will this policy reshape the European power sector? How are electric utilities navigating current challenges and opportunities in open energy data? What innovative business prospects does this initiative unlock? Let's chart the future of energy together.

     14:30-14:35 - Intro


    Jessica Garcia, Distribution and Market Facilitation Advisor, Eurelectric

     14:35-14:45 - Opening Keynote


    Pilar del Castillo Vera, Member of the European Parliament

     14:45-15:30 - Panel Discussion


    Panel moderation by Jessica Garcia, Distribution and Market Facilitation Advisor, Eurelectric



    • Daniele Stampatori, Research Associate, Florence School of Regulation

    • Flore Patrat-Delon, Co-chair of the Task Force on Digitalisation of the energy sector, EU Senior Regulatory Affairs Manager, E.ON

    • Layla Sawyer, Secretary General, CurrENT

    • Pilar del Castillo Vera, Member of the European Parliament
    • Ray Pinto, Senior Director for Digitalisation Transformation Policy, DIGITALEUROPE

29 November 2023

  • Skillset Challenges of an Evolving Workforce - Power, People, Platforms
      9:30-10:45 - Evolve Stage (Hall 7.3)


    Join us for a captivating summit session featuring Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, as he unveils the intricate link between evolving skillsets and the path to net-zero. Delve into the transformative impact of generative AI on our work lives and discover how different generations are driving change in the energy landscape. Kristian Ruby's insights set the stage for a dynamic panel discussion on the skillset challenges of a transitioning workforce, shaping a sustainable future.

     09:30 - 09:35 - Intro


    Sasha Twining, Corporate Facilitator and Debate Host

     09:35 - 09:45 - Opening Scene-Setter


    Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, Eurelectric

     09:45 - 10:45 - Panel Discussion


    Panel moderation by Sasha Twining, Corporate Facilitator and Debate Host



    Kristian Ruby, Secretary General, Eurelectric

    Catherine Bobo, Director of the Network Schools for Energy Transition Project, Enedis

    Frank Gielen, Education Director, EIT InnoEnergy Student Lounge

    Viktoria Dome, Research Associate, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge

    Marco Nunes, Global Product Marketing Manager for Digital Substation Products, ABB

    Golam Sadeghnia, CEO, Oktogrid

  • Flex Solutions for the Grid - Grid Innovation
      14:00 15:30 - Decentralisation Hub (Hall 7.3)


    Join us for a dynamic hub session featuring Louise Rullaud, Head of Distribution & Market Facilitation at Eurelectric, as she takes the stage to shed light on the vital role of aggregation and flexibility services in empowering grid operators. Louise's participation promises a glimpse into ongoing studies that unveil the future of grid integration to overcome barriers and prioritise infrastructure for a climate-resilient future.

  • 4Ds Start-up Pitching Festival - Digitalisation
      13:30-14:30 - Digitalisation / DATA Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.2)


    Discover cutting-edge technologies driving the digital transformation at our Digitalisation innovation session, hosted by Enlit and Eurelectric. Selected start-ups innovate in energy optimisation, grid management, safety, and data analytics, enhancing power sector efficiency, reliability, and automation while fostering advancements in artificial intelligence and computer vision.


    13:30-13:35 - Welcome & Opening Remarks

    13:35-13:45 - Tangara Energy, France

    13:45-13:55 - PEEK, Germany

    13:55-14:05 - Grid Instruments, Slovenia

    14:05-14:15 - Picsellia, France

    14:15-14:25 - Visplore, Austria

    14:25-14:30 - Closing Remarks


    Jury Members:

    Lead: Felipe Bethencourt Meinster, Business Development Manager, Intertrust Technologies

    João Marinho, Associate Director for Digital & Green Transformation Policy, DIGITALEUROPE

    Andrea Grad, Consultant, CGI Unicorn Academy

    Marios Bomboulos, Director of Innovation Hub, PPC

    Denisa Kasa, Junior Associate, Volta Ventures

  • 4Ds Start-up Pitching Festival - Decarbonisation
      14:30-15:30 - Decarbonisation Hub - Theatre 1 (Hall 7.3)


    Join us for a Decarbonisation innovation session at Enlit Europe and Digitopia's co-hosted event. Selected start-ups provide power sector innovations encompassing frictionless flywheel energy storage, blockchain-powered energy origin verification, AI-driven industrial machine management, EAC marketplace, and sustainable micro-mobility infrastructure development.


    14:30-14:35 - Welcome & Opening Remarks

    14:35-14:45 - QuinteQ Energy, Netherlands

    14:45-14:55 - Blok-Z, Germany

    14:55-15:05 - Jungle AI, Portugal

    15:05-15:15 - Spritju, Sweden

    15:15-15:25 - YUP, Spain

    15:25-15:30 - Closing Remarks


    Jury Members:

    Lead: Tomás Moreno, Head of Innovation Ecosystem, EDP Innovation

    Gem Kua, Investment Associate - Energy, Rockstart

    Nathanaël Krivine, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, TiLT Capital

    Peter Warren, Energy & Utilities Global Industry Lead, CGI

    Valerie Salviac Dijkstra, Director Performance and Development, Innovation Division, EDF


  • 4Ds Start-up Pitching Festival - Democratisation
      15:30-16:30 - Democratisation Hub (Hall 7.2)


    In the spirit of energy democracy, our Democratisation innovation session, presented by Enlit and Eurelectric, showcases selected innovations that democratise the power sector by offering AI-driven equipment customisation, blockchain for renewable energy communities, city-level energy monitoring, flexible energy management systems, and V2X software for EVs as distributed storage resources.


    15:30-15:35 - Welcome & Opening Remarks

    15:35-15:45 - Enreport, Finland

    15:45-15:55 - HexErgy, Italy

    15:55-16:05 - ninewatt, South Korea

    16:05-16:15 - Embion BV, Netherlands

    16:15-16:25 - Fermata Energy, UK

    16:25-16:30 - Closing Remarks


    Jury Members:

    Lead: Nathanaël Krivine, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, TiLT Capital

    Kim Maren Ekrutt, Head of Innovation & Sustainability, IBU Energy & Utilities, SAP

    Maria Kerkidou, Head of Strategic Market Analysis and Organisations Management, PPC

    Rüdiger Thomas, Executive Director, Digital Strategy, Microsoft

    Savannah Altvater, Retail Markets Advisor, Data Management and Flexibility Lead, Eurelectric

  • 4Ds Start-up Pitching Festival - Decentralisation
      16:30-17:30 - Decentralisation Hub (Hall 7.3)


    Explore our Decentralisation innovation session, a collaborative endeavor by Enlit Europe and Digitopia. Selected start-ups decentralise power solutions with technologies like AI-powered DER management, grid monitoring, energy flexibility management, and optimisation algorithms, enabling more efficient and sustainable energy operations.


    16:30-16:35 - Welcome & Opening Remarks

    16:35-16:45 - Gridfit, France

    16:45-16:55 - Seita Energy Flexibility, Netherlands

    16:55-17:05 - Fusebox Energy, Estonia

    17:05-17:15 - greenventory GmbH, Germany

    17:15-17:25 - Zaphiro Technologies SA, Switzerland

    17:25-17:35 - Sympheny, Switzerland


    Jury Members:

    Christophe Lallemand, Lead for Utilities and Energy Transition, France/Benelux, Accenture

    Jessica Garcia, Distribution and Market Facilitation Advisor, Eurelectric

    Thorsten Held, VP Business Development, Intertrust Technologies

    Tomás Moreno, Head of Innovation Ecosystem, EDP Innovation

    Virgilio Bacigalupo, Head of Grid Software Southeast Europe, Siemens AGÖ, Austria